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05 February 2008 @ 07:28 pm
An odd day in classroom politics  
In my Civics & Economics (Social Studies) class, my teacher, being the way he is, decided that the best way to have us (us being the entire class) learn about state primaries and they're ways of voting was to have everyone learn interactively.  The setup of how he did this is as follows...
      First- everyone splits into two "parties".
      Second- everyone gets a few (3-4) slips of paper with each having  a separate state on it. (there are only 15 kids, including myself, in the class)
      Third- each group choses, by way of nomination+seconding of nomination, three fictitious or real "beings" to be candidates to become presidential candidates.  (so someone has to nominate said being, get someone else to second the nomination, and then the candidate is in the running to be a candidate for president.)
           ...I say beings because there is really no way to truly place these people in the same general group, and still keep within the bounds of reality...

 THE VILLAINS                                 THE EMOSAPIENS  (I was in "emo" group, I didn't get a choice in the name)
Darth Vader                                     Orlando Bloom

Michael Vick                                    Cookie Monster

Voldemort                                        Terminator
... It was overall a "good team vs evil team" kind of situation with the choices.  On a more to the topic note, there were two times we voted.  The first one was a yr2000 Democratic version, and the second was a yr2008 Republican version.  The way we determined winners was by way of the teacher reading off states, and a certain amount of imaginary money would go to whichever candidate the person holding the slip with that state on it chose.  the first few were early voting states, so they gave more money than the rest.  The first round, the first 1-3 states gave 500$ ea. The next five or so gave 200$ ea.  The rest that were called (since not all were called.[in both rounds]) were 20$ ea.  I was lucky to have the very first one called, and, that round, I voted Cookie Monster.  Too make a much longer story short, first round ended with Cookie Monster in the lead with 620$, Orlando Bloom with 320$, Darth Vader with about 100-300$, and Michael Vick with 60$.  Voldemort and Terminator both had 0$.  In the second round, there were 3 500$, 5 100$, and the rest that were called being 50$.  Unfortunately, the two people in the class who liked trying to shock people (i.e. the people who nominated Michael Vick) got 2 of the 3 500$ states.  But, by the end of the round, the score, from least to most was...
Cookie Monster, Terminator, and Voldemort- 0$
Darth Vader- 750$
Michael VIck- 1050$ (2 500$ and 1 50$)
and, in first place...
Orlando Bloom with (insert dramatic music)- 1150$

But thats not all...

After class, as I was leaving, I had a few seconds to speak with a friend of mine who had the same teacher right after I did.  I had thought about it right after we had finished voting, and I asked/told him to nominate the teacher... hehehe.   Of course, it was only near the end of the next class that I realized the teacher might disqualify himself...
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