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05 November 2007 @ 09:32 pm
German Zombie Squirrel Excerpt  

Chapter seven

Ok, Who Messed With the Plot?


I walked into a playground, and saw a family just enter.  It was not my family, and considering the hours that passed, it should have been my family.  Maybe they already left, and I just got here a bit late.  That would work, since there were not any alarms or warnings about the zombies just yet.  As I approached the family, I realized that one of them was Harold, whom I knew got eaten.  I walked up to him to say hello, and for some reason he was cheerful.  The part about his greeting that stumped me was that he asked me about what I thought of the upcoming meeting dealing with Mrs. Oozy.  Confounded, I responded that we already had the meeting, and that Mr. Oozy, as well as some other zombies, were rampaging about.  I then continued on to say that I saw him get eaten not five hours before.  He told me that the meeting was in a few minutes and that he was quite well.  He also said that Mr. Oozy was still in captivity.  Just at that moment, I remembered about his confusion over my coming from the housing district at the beginning of the meeting.  I suddenly, for no explainable reason of my own, let out a long yelp and shouted “I’ve gone back in time!!  Mr. Oozy must be stopped!!” He promptly smacked me and said Mrs. Oozy was the one who was a zombie and not Mr. Oozy.  At this I was so dumbfounded that I burst into tears, not an easy feat for “The Squirrel That Never Cries”.  He kept trying to calm me down, and finally did.  Once I was calmed down, he asked me first to tell him about the massive amounts of weaponry, equipment, and supplies, and then for me to tell him what in the name of the I.S.G. I was talking about.  As we walked towards the meeting, I told him all of it, since the day we found Mr. Oozy half-dead.
We were almost to the meeting when we entered a room which I don’t remember being in its spot, and at the same time I do remember the room as a place that I had hidden in for the past several hours.  Realizing the situation, I told Harold that something was wrong with the room.  He agreed, since apparently the geography was still the same from his point of view as was my point of view.  We walked through the doorway that normally would have just been a hallway and continued in the right direction.  As we neared the room, much to his surprise, I bid Harold farewell and headed in the direction of a security room.  If you have not figured this out yet, then you should know that what the squirrel realized was that the room did weird things to the plot, i.e. sending him into a slightly different situation.

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