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05 November 2007 @ 11:10 am
Nano Count  
My NaNoWriMo Count at the moment is logged at 4194 words, which is a boost from earlier yesterday morning, 1702 words.

Some Notes: (still trying to sort out what set of symbols goes with hyper links)

*Loads of thanks to meglimir, sammyd, grendies, and Chea12, for helping me in various ways.

*I have reason to believe my mind is being controlled by Zombie Squirrels

*Well, I think that's just about it.

To:Everyone, good luck with anything that you have to deal with or anything that you will have to deal with!!!

Oh, and for any people who like long words, look up the technical name for the protein Titin.
Current Mood: cheerfuland extremely happy
Current Music: Re Your Brains by Jonathan Calhoun