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05 November 2007 @ 10:45 am
Squirrel Department Names  
These Are Some Department Names In My Story, So Beware, They Might Be a Bit Long.

Acorn Squirrel Research Division of the Higher Tree Order within the Bald Monkey Geographical Location Afore Named Berlin of Germany, the Powerful Nation of the Long-Eared Tree Squirrels, also known as EichhornchenLand.
(A.S.R.D.H.T.O.B.M.G.L.A.N.B.G., P.N.L.E.T.S., E.L. )

Department of the Disaster Occurred upon Mr. Oozy

And The Largest One Of All Is.....

Department of Funky Green Stuff Here and There and its Application to Something or Other in a Different Sort of Department Dealing with a Different Sort of Situation With yet Another Different Sort of Department Dealing with Something Not so Funky such as Acorns and Their Anatomy in Relation to a Figurehead with the Surname of a Single Letter or the First Name of Single or More Letters but All in Regard to Other Sentient or Partially Sentient Beings Within this Universe or Other Dimensions’ Universes but Still Within this Time Zone for if They Were Not it Would Surely be a Catastrophe, Yet Only Unless Actually Regarding Exorbitant Tons of Hindering Illustrations in Notes K-I in the Notification Gobs of Otherwise Meaningful Gravy That Hopefully Is Somewhat Interestingly Short Lived Or Nearly Gone, Except When in Certain Situations Signed by the Head of the Departments of Funky Green Stuff and its Relation or Non-relation to Other Things, Such as the Department of Funky Green Stuff Everywhere and its Application to Other-Worldly Objects in Relation to Different Department Permission Sign-offs, and the Department of Funky Green Stuff Somewhere and its Application Towards Departments of Other Funky Colored Stuff During Their Decomposition and Various Other Parts of Their Life Cycle, Not Considering if They Actually Have One, but Just Out of the Fact That We are Attempting to Lengthen This Acronym to Deadly Proportions, Although Funky Blue Stuff and Funky Red Stuff Departments Have Been Downsized We Still Take Them Into Consideration; but On a Different Note All of These, Including the Original Department are Subject Able to Criticism by Any Official Brave or Bored Enough to Criticize it, Such as the Head of the Department of Not So Funky Green Stuff and Ways In Which it Can Be Turned Into Other Substances, Including Food and Other Various Physical or Mental Needs to the Squirrel or Human, or Possibly Other Animals, but All In All We Believe That This Just Might Possibly, Against Any Logical Reasoning of the Rest of This Departments Name, That We Might, Just Might Be Done With Naming This O’ So Long Department, but That is Just a Guestimate, We Can Not Be Certain That This is Definitely the End.
SammyDsammyd on November 5th, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)
That is hilarious. So how many acronym letters are there in the longer one?
ratlan on November 5th, 2007 07:35 pm (UTC)
# of Acronyms
The number of letters for the acronyms. I will answer this because of popular request, and to do so I edited the entry so the acronyms were in sections of 5

And it is...

I believe it is 230 letters
(I should have put more acronyms)