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17 October 2007 @ 07:46 pm
Yet another day of "Wait, what's going on!!!"  
    Every day it ends up the same thing.  I get prepared for what I think might happen, then something going a completely different way happens.  One day I get up, and prepare for something weird to happen, and I'm knocked off my psychological feet when everything is normal. The next day, I'm ready to take on normality, and everything goes "wonky".  There are those and many mixtures in between.  It would not be a problem if it weren't for the fact that when I am ready for anything (normal or otherwise), my little head voices end up being correct!!!
    On the other hand, sometimes the item I get information on is all well and good, but not what I want to know about.  Then the next day, I get that knowledge, need the thing from the day before and can't quite remember what it was or what I needed the current knowledge for.  My brain must be set to "opposite day".
    Better news...
School is getting easier now that I've figured out what the teachers ask for, but they're still not giving very much warning on some happenings.  Take for example the "mile test".  Usually my Health/Physical Education class doesn't do much in Gym.  We don't run around much, not much movement (except for the warm-up), and generally it seems lethargic.  To combat with this, I play many versions of the game basketball in the time at the beginning of class before warm-up so as to get plenty of exercise.
    On one day (9/16/07) I exercised to a large amount, just as any other day.  We get through the warm-up, and I (at this point sweaty, exhausted, and cramped) was somewhat surprised to find out that it was the day to run the mile.  No, surprised isn't the right word for it, more like someone in my brain hit the big red armageddon button and hid under a rubber ducky.  The foremost cause of my mind hitting meltdown is the fact that in response to the low exercise level of gym, I had done 250 sit-ups the night before, and at that time already had stomach and leg cramps to kill.
    With these pains in mind, my friend (a fairly good runner) whom I was planning on trying to keep up with, had injured both of his knees some time ago and was still recovering.  Passing time (not having to run the mile until spring) would have been 10 minutes or less.  My friend and I ended equally at 12 minutes 36 seconds.  I do NOT look forward to running the mile again.
    The "moral" of the story is, if my teacher had told me about the mile, I wouldn't have killed myself the night before and at the beginning of class, and most likely would have passed the test.
Current Mood: numbnumb
SammyD: NibblesSquirrelsammyd on November 3rd, 2007 03:31 am (UTC)
I don't remember you saying anything to me about this. Did you mention it to your teacher that you had already exercised and were actually not ready to run the mile that day. Some teachers might let you go a few days to recoup and then go out and run the mile so you would at least have a chance to pass the test. Ask your teacher if you can do it again, I know, you said you do not look forward to running the mile again. But it would be good for you and you need that passing grade in gym.