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20 August 2007 @ 02:57 pm
online game  
The Beginning (no in's allowed)

Lately my parents have bought me a membership for an online game.  This game is actually able to keep me entertained without running out
of diversity.  The main factor to this is that in the game I'm able to do anything from fighting to making a house, and many things in between. They makers of this game have devised a website which is a tip site, where anyone can calculate they're level gains to browsing a map and looking up quests.  However, said game does have a drawback.  I don't know how to say this any other way, it's addictive; but fortunately, only to a certain point!  I have three accounts, 1 of which is a member account.  The other two are free accounts, a "pure" and an "old".

"Pure" and "Old" accounts
The Pure Account
A pure account, said plainly, is an account in which the player trains nothing but one (or two if they're similar) skills.  In my pure account, I train nothing but fishing and cooking skills. Other double skill types are mining and smithing, woodcutting and fire making, combat skills (a.k.a. attack, defense, strength, and hit points), and various others. Having an account which is only sufficiently good in one or two skills is not all fun and games (pardon the pun).  To really cause a difference, it requires doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over..... and over again once someone has reached level 60 and higher.  Take fishing for an example; if a free player has reached the highest creature they can fish (lobster or swordfish, according to preference), which is about level 50, they have 49 more levels to go before reaching the highest level.  Seeing as how it takes more experience points to reach each progressing level, and lobsters give the same experience no matter what level you are, it's going to take a few thousand (143,702. I checked!) lobsters to reach the highest possible level.  So the different tactics people use vary even more than the amount of skills available.  In the long run, my pure account won't be anything else than a personal feat.

The Old Account
An old account is, as far as i know, just a name i made up for the account I started with.  This one was before I got a membership account.  One of my friends introduced me to this game (oddly enough, he's no longer a player), and this is the character I created. This character isn't exactly my most powerful (truth be told, i haven't played him in weeks) character, but he still is fairly leveled. My old account is like a souvenir, it's virtually worthless, but still something to remember how I started out by. For my first account, I tried to balance all of my skills as well as i could.  Not exactly a smart move on my part, because it ended with my character not being able to do anything useful.

The "Main" Account
A main account is probably the most common type. Main accounts can be pure accounts or not, but usually someones main account is they're highest leveled account for general levels.  While this is true for my account, it's not the only reason why I call it that.  There are at least three other major reasons that I have for calling my account by the generalization of main.  For one, it's the one which is a paid account (membership). Two, the personality (how I have the character act and how i talk to others) of my character is being overly generous (I sometimes take this to far and cause the character to end up with almost no items).  Naturally, I have a need to use this character enough so i can do more than plop my character down at the doorstep.  The helper needs to help himself at some point.  Third, my other two characters just aren't as far ahead as this one.

Membership allows for about twelve times the amount of space, 7 or 8 more skills (there are about 12 free player skills), 60 or so more quests, hundreds more items, and generally, more things to do.  Much better than free playing, where in 3 minutes i can go from one end of the map to the other, and if you've seen something once, you've seen it a thousand times.

The Wrap Up
So all in all, this game has different types of accounts, different "worlds" (also known as servers), and in general, more stuff to do then you can shake a stick at.  I'm pretty much done now (rejoicing chorus in background), and I've probably typed too many words for anyone to stomach without grumbling. I'm glad to finish this as well (my hands hurt!). So I bid this post to my journal, posted!
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SammyDsammyd on August 20th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
Sounds like a fun game. Maybe some day when I have some spare time you can show me how to play it.